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About Us

About Being Held

Within each person is a beautiful, seeking soul desiring to be held in love and accepted for whatever is alive in them, from great contentment or joy to sadness or pain. Being Held is a safe, nourishing gathering of like-minded souls who seek a deeper experience of loving friendship, community and connection. We do not try to "fix" each other, but instead focus on tangible and creative ways to regularly hold each other in love and acknowledge each other's wholeness, just as we are. With safety as the foundation, our gatherings are playful, enlivening, freeing and expansive.


About Us

Tricia Bowler

"I am especially proud of our Four Pillars of Safety, which form the foundation of our gatherings. Without safety, even consent can be tricky. My extensive work in personal development modalities has found a home in the life practice of holding another in loving acceptance. This precious way of being provides the opportunity for others (and ourselves) to hold and love all of our parts, even the ones that show up as messy and troublesome"

Michael Haines

"Perhaps my greatest capacity lies in creating and holding loving, honouring space for myself and others. I see the body and brain as a complete sensory network that stores memory. Our continued discoveries of how different kinds of touch can shift and deepen our experience of ourselves, and life itself, provides exciting potential each time we gather to lovingly 'hold' one another."

Instagram: mhaines888


“The Being Held Gathering was totally delightful. I can feel a bit apprehensive about a new experience, and yet this day unfolded with deep experiential learning that left me joyful, heartfelt and fully present on all levels! Experiences like this are transcendent and what I value most in learning about life. Thanks Tricia and Michael for creating such a safe and open environment where their harmony and intuition give us what we have been missing.”


—  S.B.


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Being Held Gatherings and Sessions

Tricia Cell: 604-782-5553

Tel: 250-597-2802


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