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Being Held Gatherings


Being Held Gatherings are regular one-day get-togethers at our home, where we invite friends and community members that seek a 'recharge' of loving connection and deep nourishment to join us. Within the foundation of safety, and using playfulness as a guide, the environment is set for the co-creation of activities and game structures for being held — so at the end of the day we all feel seen, loved, enlivened and enriched.


Using the foundation of the Four Pillars of Safety (for mind, body, heart and soul), each day begins with activities that re-establish an environment safe enough for connection. Even if you have been before, each gathering develops in unique and beautiful ways.

As the day progresses, in an atmosphere of graceful and lively co-creation, we delve deeper into ways to lovingly hold and accept whatever is alive in us, and each other, whether joy, happiness, shame, anger or sadness — affirming that all our inner experiences are messengers of love.


We finish with sharing in a circle, reflecting and basking in the experiences of the day.


We enjoy providing a delicious, organic, vegan lunch for everyone. We suggest bringing a water bottle. Coffee (including decaf) herbal teas and light snacks are also available at breaks. If you require any special foods/beverages, please bring them with you. Dress to be comfortable.


Being Held Gatherings usually take place in the Sankta Amo yurt, in the heart of the Cowichan Valley, on Vancouver Island (other community locations can be arranged upon request). Gatherings happen regularly, at least once a month. Please come as often as you like.

We use our website Calendar (rather than a Facebook event) as a way for you to confirm you are coming and to give us an idea of attendance numbers. Please sign up for the gatherings you would like to attend.


If you come and enjoy a gathering and would like to support them, please feel free to donate as you are able. Call or text Tricia (1-604-782-5553) if you have any questions.


We anticipate your presence at one of our gatherings in the near future!

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