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Being Held Individual Sessions Information


As with Being Held Gatherings, our individual sessions are built the Four Pillars of Safety ensuring that you are relaxed and able to fulfill on your specific intentions. Sessions begin with a conversation with you about the structures of the session, including what you want to co-create.


All of us have a deficit of being lovingly held and acknowledged at significant high or low moments in our life, whether they happened an hour ago or years ago. Being Held Sessions are a wonderful opportunity to have specific characteristics, memories or parts of you deeply held and acknowledged, regardless of the emotion that shows up, whether joy, elation, shame, anger, or sadness. We hold a space of loving acceptance for all that is.


Our intention is to help you shift embodied neurological patterns through providing loving presence and quality touch and holding in the way(s) you and us have agreed upon, with the opportunity for you to change your mind at any point. Each session completes with a debrief of your experience and is followed up with a 15-minute touch-back conversation within seven days. 

Sessions can be designed to include both Michael and Tricia, or just one of us. The first session is 1.5 (one and a half) hours with following sessions usually being one hour. Session lengths are always negotiable. The sessions typically take place at Sankta Amo or at another place we agree upon with you, with safety being the key to location. Please call or text Tricia (1-604-782-5553) or send an email to indicating you would like to book an Individual Being Held Session (or would like more information). Your first Being Held Individual Session will include the completion of an Information/Registration form. Our individual sessions are open to those 18 years or older.

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